how does one play dice properly

In recent years the controversy over whether a shooter can control the dice and score profitable numbers has increased. Authors and experts now offer lessons, seminars, DVDs and books on this subject. So far the house hasn’t demanded that shooters roll the dice in a special cup rather than by hand, which tells you to some extent, they haven’t been afraid of those who claim this skill.

But the public is still fascinated by the concept.

Gamblers have known ways to “roll” dice and “roll blanket” for years. A 1982 book entitled Dice: Squares, Tops and Shapes by Burton Williams describes the concept of dice control and Scarne on Dice, originally published in 1945 (now in its eighth edition) discusses “whip shot,” “Greek shot,” “twist shot” and “spin shots”, among others, visit PokerEvos.

In recent years there have been many new books on the concept of controlled roll, and here are three of them if you want to be a student. Each one has a catchy title too:

Rolling Thunder: The Control of Dice Scientific Study by Malcomb Bennett (192 pages, paper bound, $ 21.95) contains 16 illustrated chapters including the author’s personal field test (49 pages of what is right or wrong at various Las Vegas casinos). The author analyzes various ways to grip the dice and his observations of how some players have learned to reduce their number of “random” throws. He concluded that “presetting dice” could subtract seven. Published in 2008.

The Mad Professor’s Crapshooting Bible by Tino Gambino (320 pages, paper bound, $ 29.95). Published by Pi Yee Press (Stanford Wong), contains 10 chunky chapters, including those on grips, throws, practice, dice setting, bankroll, bet size, actual casino play, short tables and adapting to it, “micofiber” table surface ( which adds to the randomness of the table). One interesting fact is to have clean hands if you’re the shooter (not because Mom said, but because it affects grip and consistency). Published in 2006.

Golden Touch Control Revolution! (Win at Craps Using Throw Controlled) by Frank Scoblete and Dominator (265 pages, bound paper, $ 16.95) contains 23 chapters and five dozen illustrations. Discusses and details the physical elements of what the authors call The Golden Touch, Dice Sets, Grab, Grips and Pickups and sends the dice to the back wall of the table. Those interested in “team play” will find value here and this book answers many questions about how much and what type of training is required to reach the advanced level. Published in 2005.


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