In the future all will be learned about touch screen technology

I can’t argue, Several years ago, my wife and I were told that my men’s class would be the last to know how to use a mouse. He was probably about six years old at the time and my first reaction was “WHAT?”

What I find funny is that back to work in the casino industry, electronic table games are still not as widely accepted. There are pockets where they do better, but much of it is because the jurisdiction doesn’t allow live matches, either now or in the past visit SbcPoker.

They say that need is the mother of discovery. This may be true. In the past six months, we’ve found that despair can be a great motivator, too.

How many restaurants have managed to change their take-out and offer processes in a matter of weeks in March and April? To be honest, when that happened, I wondered why they had waited until this crazy time to do it.

Some places like the grocery store already have some kind of roadside pickup, but some of them make it really painful. You will find that half of the items you ordered are up at the time of collection or you will wait 20 minutes even if there is only one person waiting.

Back in February, I had to place one pick-up order from the local grocery store. I couldn’t find the pick up area! I went through three wrong dead ends at the parking lights before I realized it was a dark area with hardly any signs I was supposed to park. Now, the area was brightly lit with large signs and three times the number of parking spaces.


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Updated: November 20, 2020 — 5:18 am